You are an energetic being having a physical experience. All life is energy. Your thoughts are energy. Your emotions are energy. When energy becomes blocked or “trapped” it affects us emotionally, mentally, and even physically, and over time can lead to illness.

Working directly with your subconscious, using kinesiology, I am able to identify and clear your trapped emotions, regardless of what caused the emotion to be trapped or how long you've had it. Emotions become trapped easily as we move through our lives, from past hurt, heartbreak, loss or traumatic experience. You may not even remember or have forgotten what caused the emotion to become trapped, but your subconscious remembers.

The best part of this process is that we need not go back and analyze or re-experience these past pains, these past hurts, it isn’t even necessary to share any details about the experience, only to identify it and release it.

Children and animals especially benefit and respond to this emotional clearing process.

Release the weight of your old emotional baggage, hurts, resentments, worry, stress, and fear. Step into an experience of lightness, joy, clarity of thought, and freedom. For when you are truly free of your past emotional pain you will feel a renewed sense of enthusiasm for life and love.

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“Bethney is a beautiful spirit whose work is powerful and effective. As time goes on she will become known on the world stage as a leading healer.”
-- James G., Manchester, UK
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