Theta Activations

A method of energizing, awakening, or re-programming an individual with the intent of creating balance, expansion, healing, and growth.

A few common Activations are:

DNA Activation

Activates your etheric DNA that resides within your Divine Blueprint to bring you into harmony with your Life Contract.

Telomere Activation

Reinstates the telomeres on the cells, lost over time in the cell duplication process, for increased longevity, and removal of telomeres from any present cancer cells to inhibit their replication.

Youth & Vitality Activation

An activation done in conjunction with the DNA activation at the cellular level to bring the body into harmony with the new DNA energies.

Joy Activation

Balances and harmonizes the chemicals of the brain to release depression and replaces negative beliefs from the cellular memory.

Age-Reversal Activation

Clears beliefs/fears of developing an inherited disease as a part of aging, activates the cells to rejuvenate to health, and replaces all genetic programs for getting older.

Prosperity Activation

Releases all negative/limiting beliefs, programming and covenants, related to prosperity in preparation to receive.

Rainbow Color-Chakra Balance

Returns all of the chakras to balance.

Soul Mate Activation

Releases all negative/limiting beliefs on the subconscious, genetic, past life, and soul level, opens the heart chakra in preparation for your Soul Mate.

Light Body Activation

Activates the crystalline grid within your Light Body to accelerate your spiritual development.

Star-Grid/Star Seed Activation

The awakening of dormant codes of galactic origin stored within the individual. Assists the individual in remembering their connection to the stars and allows for greater assistance from galactic beings.

Unique Activation

An activation unique and appropriate to the individual at this time, orchestrated with the assistance and guidance of the Higher Self.

Payment is due prior to all sessions, and may be made at the Payment page.

You are welcome to choose any of the above Activations. If you are unsure of which Activation(s) is most appropriate for you at this time, request that your Higher Self be consulted on your behalf.

“I felt immediate energy as we were working and during the session, and at one point I felt energy that I had not felt since 11:11 while I was in the Great Pyramid. I definitely want to continue working with you.”  -- Dawn B., Dallas, TX
“During my Activation…I felt this comforting presence as my Guides and my Mother, who had passed over long ago, surrounded me with light. I don't know how Bethney does what she does, but I was moved to tears and felt a great love and reconnection to the Sacred in my life. It was a truly remarkable experience.” -- Gail B., New York, NY