The Reflection of Your Life

Is your life a perfect reflection of where you want to be? If not, there are things you can do.  There are ways to be where you only dare to dream. Is there harmony in your relationships? Fulfilling work? Exuberant play? Energized, enthusiastic health? If you answered no to any of the above, it may be time to look at the whole of you, or your holistic self.

Each area of our life is affected by our health and well-being expressed through our thoughts and emotions. So if there is something that is out of whack within us it will show up in our outside reality. The outside world is merely a reflection of our internal world. This internal world is comprised of many parts often labeled Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. Each part has an affect upon the other. So if you have an imbalance in any area of your life it is necessary to make sure that there is balance within each part of you.

There are many influences that we may be conscious of and need direct action to create harmonious change in our life. We usually can easily identify what these are and take the steps in our life as best as we are able. At times there are also influences that we may be less aware of. We may carry unconscious limiting or negative beliefs about our self or the world that are playing out moment by moment in our life experience. There may be programs that we are running though our database that are outdated and inefficient. These may be programs picked up in childhood or from a past trauma or negative experience. These programs act as “bugs” or “viruses” in our system much like an infected computer. It is only when we clean out these invaders that our computer runs smoothly again.

Sometimes the interference is from an unwanted attachment or parasitic being that has attached itself to our field. These aren’t necessarily evil or malevolent beings – just energy forms that are attracted to our light. Still they do have a vampiric effect upon our energy level and may interrupt the natural flow of our lives. Many people are unaware that they even have any kind of parasitic attachment. All they may notice is a general feeling of fatigue or mild depression or slight confusion or fuzzy thinking at times. Others feel nothing at all as they’ve had the attachment for so long it feels natural and normal to them as they cannot remember having felt any differently.

Some of us have needs that are more physically based. We may not be getting the nutrients we need, we may not be absorbing the nutrients in our food properly and so no matter how healthy we eat, the food just runs right through our system. In a case like this a cleanse may be needed. If your intestines are clogged with toxins from the occasional, and not so occasional, poor food choice this will build up internally and prevent even the good stuff from being absorbed. There are helpful cleanses that can be done that are safe, effective, and gentle. Once again you will feel lighter, more energized and have a more productive relationship with food.

Finally, there comes a time in everyone’s life when they feel they are ready for a change. They may not know what form it will take but they feel a sense of pacing the tiger cage, that there is a change that is eminent that they just can’t put their finger on. There is an unspoken longing for something more, something different. There is a desire to wake up in the morning and to feel different, to be the same person yes, but also somehow renewed. This is the time in every person’s experience when they are preparing for their next evolutionary step. That is the time when there is an awakening or activation that needs to occur. For a switch to be flipped within each of us that amps us up to a new level of being. If you feel the gnawing within you and the impatience tapping inside, you know the time is right for your activation. This process is an energetic healing of sorts that needs little more from you than the willingness to participate. If you do not know what type of activation is appropriate for you or how to achieve one on your own, or are unclear if one is appropriate for you right now, go to your guides and angels or have a trusted intermediary connect with them on your behalf.

There are numerous ways for us to move into greater harmony and balance in our lives, and yet we often feel overwhelmed in how best to proceed. What healing modality is best for me with all the offerings out there? What is the perfect match for me on all levels at this time? Look at the reflection of your life and begin to write down those areas of your life that are less than a perfect reflection of where you want to be and then begin to take the steps necessary to rid your experience of anything and everything that is having a negative impact upon your health, happiness, and well-being, Because there is nothing more important in all of creation than your feeling good!

"I purchased Bethney's 'youthifying process.' I had stopped biking to work, seven miles from my apartment, five years ago because of chronic fatigue. After Bethney's treatment I have resumed biking with subsequent loss of weight. I am also more alert now, remembering things that I used to forget and/or misplace. Bethney's treatment gives you a new level of energy, but the main thing is I don't feel 64. I used to feel this good when I was in my 30's! I think so highly of Bethney's treatment that I have purchased long-distance treatments for a dozen people. My sister, who is 64 years old and weighed 200 pounds, is now a slim 165 and looks a lot better. I could go on, but why don't you try it for yourself?"  
-- David H., Honolulu, HI