Emotional Clearing

A process done using applied kinesiology to access the subconscious with the goal of identifying and releasing trapped emotions that are having a detrimental effect upon the human energy system. Emotional Clearing frees up the energy flow of the body and releases energetic blocks that cause emotional, mental and physical distress. Suitable for humans and animals of all ages.

Common physical/emotional effects of blocked energy:

Abdominal Pain
Acid Reflux
Back Pain
Carpel Tunnel
Chest Pain
Chronic Pain

Life events that often result in trapped emotions:

Divorce or Relationship Problems
Feelings of Inferiority
Financial Hardship
Home or Work Stress
Internalization of Feelings
Long Term Stress
Loss of A Loved One
Miscarriage or Abortion

Emotions can also become trapped by a specific person (husband, wife, son, daughter, boss, etc.) or event.

Trapped emotions can negatively affect the following:

Achieving Goals
Losing Weight
Making Money
Quitting Drinking, Smoking, Using Drugs

Most often trapped emotions will manifest as depression or anger.

Due to the number of trapped emotions accumulated over a lifetime, several sessions are required to acheive optimal results. See Payment page for details.

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Theta Activations

A method of energizing, awakening, or re-programming an individual with the intent of creating balance, expansion, healing, and growth. Activations may be performed in any of the following areas:

DNA Activation
Telomere Activation
Youth & Vitality Activation
Joy Activation
Age-Reversal Activation
Prosperity Activation
Rainbow Color-Chakra Balance
Soul Mate Activation
Light Body Activation
Star-Grid/Star Seed Activation
Unique Activation

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Payment is due prior to all sessions, and may be made at the Payment page.
This material is not meant to serve as medical advise or prognosis, and Bethney Powers/Bridge Between Worlds assumes no responsibility if the information is misused. This work is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. The processes offered are gradual, cooperative processes intended to enhance the clarity and expression of spirituality. Bethney Powers is neither a medical doctor or licensed heath practitioner/provider, and clients do not come to her for medical advise, diagnosis and/or treatment. No promises or guarantees can be made regarding healing or a cure for the stated condition. These processes involve spiritual assistance and spiritual guidance. This work is sacred. As such no work is done on anyone's behalf without their permission. The person seeking treatment does so out of their own free will.
“God bless you and all the wonderful, non-judgmental, help you have given me over the years.” -- David H., Honolulu, HI
"When I arrived in beautiful Sedona, AZ, I had no idea what I would find -- until I met Bethney. She activated my DNA, and I awoke. What a difference! I was more in touch with my intuition, and life has never been the same."
-- Matthew P., Los Angeles, CA
Hip Pain
Joint Pain
Knee Pain
Learning Disabilities
Low Back Pain
Neck Pain

Night Terrors
Panic Attacks
Shoulder Pain
Sinus Problems
Tennis Elbow
Unwanted Habits

Negative Beliefs About Yourself & Others
Negative Self Talk
Neglect or Abandonment
Physical Illness
Physical or Emotional Combat
Physical Trauma
Physical, Mental, Verbal or Sexual Abuse

"I just wanted to let you know how good I am feeling this week after our session. I encountered what would have, in the past, been heavy emotional situations this week, but they just seemed to roll off me with no ill effects!" -- Dawn B., Richardson, TX